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My Work
Scripted Comedy

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High School Musical

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes


The League

10 Items or Less

Music Videos and Musical Numbers

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High School Musical

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The Roots featuring Erykah Badu

The Jungle Brothers

Documentary and Unscripted

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Profiles from the Front Line

Greatest Party Story Ever

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

TV's Most Censored Moments


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Alfa Insurance


American Lung Association




I was born and raised in San Pedro, California.  Every Friday night my Dad would let me pick out a movie to rent at the Wherehouse.  I fell in love with VHS tapes and anything involving Harold Ramis.

After college, I worked first as an assistant editor on feature films and then as an editor in unscripted programming. I switched to scripted comedy about ten years ago.  I've learned important things from all the genres I've worked in over the years.  I never studied dance formally, but I assume it's like practicing various styles of dance, where knowing some ballet can inform your work in modern or jazz.  I believe that cutting different genres keeps my approach flexible and responsive to the project at hand.


Barbara Halperin
The Gersh Agency
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